All the Toontown information you need!!!

6 Gags!

Without gags, Toontown would be very boring.  These gags are what you use to defeat cogs.  There is a total of 49 different gags, but only 42 are available.  There are seven rows of seven gags.  You can choose six gag tracks and leave out the seventh.  Here is an example.  This person chose to get everything except trap:

You can earn gags by defeating cogs.  You start off with two gags; the first throw gag, and the first squirt gag.  From there, the more you defeat cogs, the faster you can earn gags.  Here are the seven gag tracks.

Toon – Up (heals other toons in battle)

Trap (sets up a trap for the cog)

Lure (lure cogs so they can’t attack, after setting a trap, for it to work, the cog must be lured)

Sound (affects every cog in the battle)

Throw (throw pies and cakes)

Squirt (squirt random things)

Drop (drop heave things on the cog)

And here are all of the different gags:

(Toon – Up)  Feather, Megaphone, Lipstick, Dancing Cane, Pixie Dust, Juggling Cubes, High Dive.

(Trap)  Banana Peel, Rake, Marbles, Quicksand, Trapdoor, TNT, Train Tracks

(Lure)  $1 Bill, Small Magnet, $5 Bill, Big Magnet, $10 Bill, Hypno – Goggles, Presentation

(Sound)  Bike Horn, Whistle, Bugle, Aoogah, Elephant Trunk, Fog Horn, Opera Singer

(Throw)  Cupcake, Fruit Pie Slice, Cream Pie Slice, Fruit Pie, Cream Pie, Birthday Cake, Wedding Cake

(Squirt)  Squirting Flower, Cup of Water, Squirt Gun, Seltzer Bottle, Fire Hose, Storm Cloud, Geyser

(Drop)  Flower Pot, Sandbag, Anvil, Big Weight, Safe, Piano, Cruise Ship (AKA Toontanic)

One last thing.  There are certain gags called Level Seven Gags.  Theses are obviously the seventh gag of each gag track.  These certain gags take 10000 experience points to get but they are definately worth it.  Once you earn a level seven gag, you will have one.  You can’t have more than one at a time.  If you use a level seven gag, then the only way to get another is to earn 500 experience points.  It will say for example: 497 to go.  “To Go” means that you have that much more experince points to earn before you get the gag again.  You can also get level seven gags buy planting trees.  That will be said in the Gardening Page.

Experience Points are basically gag points.  A level one gag is worth one point, a level two gag is worth two points, etc.  If you plant trees for your gags, then you will get a tenth of its value added on to its damage points.  For example:  A safe is worth 6 experience points because it is the sixth gag in the Drop gag track.  It does 60 damage points.  If I had a Drop tree (which I do) then it will be worth 66 points.  60 divided by 10 added on to sixty.  Got it? Fireball, Fireball, Fireball… You had to ruin the page with math! – James

Have fun!



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